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What patients say about your dental practice online is important.

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How does your online reputation impact your Dental practice?

What is the first thing people do when searching for a new product or service provider? They look at reviews. This is true for all services, especially for Dentists! One negative review can influence a lot of potential patients and can cost you thousands every month. Having no reviews is just as bad as having negative, as the patient cannot make an "educated" decision. 70% of consumers indicated that they trust online reviews when making a decision (Nielsen survey)! 87% of direct referrals go online to research more about the practice before making an appointment!

5-star online reputation!

Having a 5-star online reputation is paramount to the success of any dental practice. This is true, independent of all other marketing efforts you have in place, online or offline. Actually, it makes sense to first invest in building your reputation BEFORE you invest in any other marketing channel such as search engine optimization, pay per click, TV, radio, print or referral marketing.

Get more positive reviews!

Have you ever asked a patient for a review, they say "YES" but never leave one? With our proprietary reputation system, you have a hands free way of asking your patients for reviews AND controlling what is posted online for the world to see. Positive reviews are routed to online review sites, such as Google, Yelp, Zocdoc etc. and negative reviews are sent to a comment page for more info and emailed to you or your office manager to address.

Promote your reviews!

We can then take these positive reviews and promote them to your local community. 96% of new patients find videos helpful when choosing a dentist online. We create "Video Reviews Commercials", publish them on Youtube (second largest search engine) and market them online. We also create hi-res images of these reviews and post them on your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. These "social signals" also help with your online rankings.

Resolve bad reviews!

Monitoring your online reputation is just as important. If or when a negative review is posted online, we'll let you know immediately for a fast resolution. We will then push those reviews down by promoting more positive reviews. This way, when someone searches for your practice online, the glowing 5-star reviews are the ones dominating the search engines and online directories.